Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

MFR 320T

Chassis number:
118 200 7000

Engine number:


First registered:
9th October 1978

Owner's name:
Iona Evans


Last heard of:
June 2024

Additional information:
Restoration saga, 12th October 2017
Gary (Iona’s partner) says:
2004 Misty bought. Actually went to see a Rover but Iona fell in love with this rotten little Bug, and despite my best efforts the Rover stayed where it was and the Bug came home. When the MOT ran out, it was sent for a restoration prior to us getting married. It was planned to be brought to the venue as a surprise for Iona. Anyway this did not happen and the car eventually came back in not fantastic shape. Another MOT was achieved and the car was used for a couple of years, then went off to a local expert (time-served but working from back garden shed). He had it for 12 months doing the first stage of the work needed which was structural; i.e. floors, heater channels, suspension mountings etc etc. Then Misty came home with an MOT and was used for the next couple of years even though the body was starting to show its age. Misty was then sent back to the guy in the shed and he had it for 18 months, but on its return the work he had done was awful. He admitted he had suffered some private problems and acknowledged the work was poor. I had foolishly given him the second phase restoration money up front as I trusted him. Anyway, the Bug was used until the MOT ran out, and then sent back to him for all the rectification work to be completed. That was nearly two and a half years ago, and after severe pressure, he has sent the Bug to a bodyshop for the shell work. It should then be back to him for final fix, and ready for Iona on Christmas day. I guess there is a moral to this story and that is you can not always trust those who make big promises - and never pay them upfront, even if they are friends. Probably worse !! Misty will be ready in good usable shape for the 2018 season, and Iona will have great fun whizzing around in her...

Update April 2024
After a long and difficult restoration, Misty is just about ready to hit the highway again. We're looking forward to seeing her back in our midst.