Last Edition Beetle registration form

This is the form to use if you are the owner of a Last Edition Beetle and would like your car added to the Register. Tell us as much (or as little) as you like. For any other LEB business, please fill in our General Contact Form. Alternatively, you can contact Julie by phone or email.

Your contact details

The first section of the form is for information we use to maintain the Last Edition Beetle Register. We won't publish anything from this section, or pass it to anyone without asking you - it just allows us to keep in touch with you.

Your contact details

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Your car's details

The next section of the form is for information about your Last Edition Beetle.

LEB number (1 - 300)
Vehicle registration number
Date of registration (DD/MM/YYYY)
Car's name (quite a few have them...)
Owner's name
Location (town, county etc.)
Chassis number
Engine number
Current mileage
History and any additional information

What you'd like shown on your car's webpage

We like to create pages on our website for as many of the cars as possible, but we only do so with the owners' permission. Use this section of the form to tell us which (if any) of your car's details you'd like shown.

Show LEB number?
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Other ways to get in touch


Address your email messages to

If you have any photos you'd like us to add to the website, please attach them to an email.


Call Julie Kinley on 020 8886 5795