Information overload

Here's the specification of the Last Edition Beetle model in exhaustive detail - weights, measures, descriptions and all the rest. Much of the information here was taken straight from Volkswagen's original Owner's Manual for the Last Edition Beetle.


The Last Edition Beetles were all finished in L97A Diamond Silver Metallic paint. This colour is still available, so a good match is possible for resprays and repairs.
Seats were trimmed in Marine Blue velour. As far as we know, this fabric is no longer produced, and despite looking long and hard, we've been unable to find a really close substitute.


4 cylinder, 4 stroke, horizontally-opposed engine at rear. Air-cooled by fan. Pressure oil feed by gear-type pump, with oil cooler, cleaned by strainer. Separate fuel filter below tank. Mechanical fuel pump. Downdraft carburetor with automatic choke and accelerator pump. Dry air cleaner with paper element.

Engine dataMetricImperial
Bore64 mm2.52 in
Stroke64 mm2.52 in
Capacity1192 cc72.7 cu in
Maximum output (DIN 70 020)25 kW at 3800 rpm34 bhp at 3800 rpm
Maximum torque (DIN)76 Nm at 1700 rpm55 lb ft at 1700 rpm
Fuel consumption (DIN 70 030)7.5 litre / 100 km37.7 mpg
Fuel Rating (RON)87
Oil consumption (max)1.0 litre / 1000 km

Body and chassis

All-steel body bolted to chassis frame. Centre tube frame with front frame head and frame fork at rear.

Front axle, steering

Front axle beam bolted to frame head. Independent suspension with twin cranked trailing links. Two transverse torsion bars. Telescopic shock absorbers. Stabilizer. Worm and Roller steering.

Rear axle

Independent suspension with swing axle and trailing links.
Springs: Torsion bars. Telescopic shock absorbers.


Drum brakes
Footbrake: Hydraulic dual-circuit system.
Handbrake: Mechanical, effective on rear wheels.

Chassis dataMetricImperial
Wheelbase2400 mm94.5 in
Front track1308 mm51.5 in
Rear track1349 mm53.1 in
Turning circle (approx)11 m36 ft

Wheels and tyres

Wheels: Steel, perforated disc. Drop centre rims with double hump. Size 4½ J x 15

Tyres - Radial plyMetricImperial
Size155 SR 15
Pressures - Radial plyfrontrearfrontrear
With 1 or 2 occupants1.3 bar1.9 bar18 psi27 psi
With 3 to 5 occupants1.3 bar1.9 bar18 psi27 psi

Tyres - Cross plyMetricImperial
Size5.60-15 4 PR or 6.00-15 L 4 PR
Pressures - Cross plyfrontrearfrontrear
With 1 or 2 occupants1.1 bar1.9 bar16 psi27 psi
With 3 to 5 occupants1.3 bar1.9 bar18 psi27 psi

Tyre pressures should be increased by 0.2bar (3 psi)

  • When using winter tyres (cross and radial ply)
  • For prolonged high-speed driving (cross ply tyres only)
The pressures are for cold tyres.

Electrical system

12 Volt system. AC generator with voltage regulator.

Electrical system dataDetails
Battery36 Ah
Generator output700 W (1.1 hp)
Battery36 Ah
Spark plug thread14 mm
Spark plug electrode gap0.6 mm
V belt tension (new)Deflection 9-11 mm ¹
V belt tension (used)Deflection 11-14 mm ¹

¹ With a pressure of about 7.5 kp / 16.5 lb (firm thumb pressure) in the centre between the two pulleys.

Spark plugsDescriptionPart number
For normal runningBosch W 145 T 1.1N 17 801 13
Beru 145/14N 17 802 13
Champion L 88 AN 17 803 9
For severe loading above 25°CN 17 801 1
N 17 802 1

V beltsPart number
Bosch W 145 T 1.1N 17 801 13

Dimensions and weights

Permissible weights are subject to local regulations which may differ

Length4060 mm159.8 in 
Width1550 mm61.0 in 
Height, unladen1500 mm59.1 in 
Ground clearance150 mm5.9 in 
Kerb weight760 kg1675 lb 
Permissible load380 kg838 lb 
Permissible total weight1140 kg2513 lb 
Permissible front axle load490 kg1080 lb 
Permissible rear axle load710 kg1565 lb 
Permissible roof load50 kg110 lb Use only roof racks supported in rain channel.
Racks from the VW accessory programme are of this type.
Distribute load evenly
Permissible trailer weight (with brakes)800 kg1763 lb On gradients up to 12%
Permissible trailer weight (without brakes)400 kg882 lb 
Maximum nose weight50 kg110 lb 


Maximum and cruising speed115 km/h (72 mph)
Hill climbing ability in 1st gear38.5%
Hill climbing ability in 2nd gear20%
Hill climbing ability in 3rd gear11%
Hill climbing ability in 4th gear7%


Fuel tank (approx)40 litres8.8 gallons
Engine oil2.5 litres4.4 pints
Windscreen washer liquid1.6 litres3.0 pints
Windscreen washer air pressure3 bar42 psi
Technical data page from owner's manual