Last Edition Beetle Locator

Here's a map showing the geographical distribution of the Last Edition Beetles. Use the + and - buttons at the bottom right of the map, or your mouse wheel, to zoom in and out. Click and drag to move the map. If you click one of the red pins, a pop-up window will tell you which car is at that location. Click the pop-up, and it'll take you to the car's webpage.

The LEBs are almost all in the United Kingdom or Ireland, but if you zoom out far enough, you'll see that one has emigrated to a new life in Australia.

Map here


The map is only a guide to the home location of each LEB, based on the information supplied by its owner. It's not a live tracker ! If the owner just gave the location as 'Scotland', the pin for the car will just be somewhere in the right country. For a location supplied as 'Glasgow', it'll be somewhere in the right city. For obvious reasons of privacy and security, the position of a pin won't show you exactly where the vehicle is parked.