Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

ADY 239D

Chassis number:
118 200 8164

Engine number:


First registered:
5th January 1978

Owner's name:
Jacqui and James


Last heard of:
March 2021

Additional information:
James says:
One of the more controversial LEBs, having changed registration age, shape and colour, but he’s loved by all just the way he is. As the proud owners of our much loved “Ady” he was even our wedding car back in 2016. He may only do a few hundred miles a year but he’s keeping well and doing a sterling job of putting smiles on our faces.
He was originally registered as TOM 873S, changed to YNU 500S (registration sold) and then re-registered as ADY 239D when he suddenly “aged”. I think one of the reasons why he’s lasted as long as he has, is that he was Ziebart rustproofed from new (only 29 miles on the clock). We are lucky enough to still have all the original literature including Ziebart guarantees, instruction manuals, service books, etc.
We’ve changed cars, bikes and houses a few times over the years, but Ady remains a permanent fixture in our lives. So much so I’m confident my wife will get rid of me before him !

(16th March 2021)