Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

LEB number:

XMJ 252S

Chassis number:
118 200 8282

Engine number:

First registered:
7th February 1978

Owner's name:
Leon Baron

Christchurch, Dorset

Last heard of:
July 2016

Additional information:
Leon says:
I purchased 262 about 3 years ago. It had been repainted not long before, possibly to hide the usual rust issues. I haven't done anything about this, I just don't use it through the winter to try to delay the inevitable decay. The interior was in a pretty bad state, seat covers sun bleached and split door card damaged by water, so this year I replaced them all with new red covers and cards (please don't hate me, they look great). I have also made some minor modifications to the suspension, with lowered front and rear air and shocks on the front. All parts have been kept, should I decide to return it to its original spec. Apart from the mentioned mods, 262 is as I bought it. I wasn't looking for an LEB, but I'm glad I found one. I only hope my changes don't offend other fans of this special Beetle.