Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

LEB number:

OCM 625S

Owner's name:
Dominic Melton

Snettisham, Norfolk

Last heard of:
August 2007

Additional information:
Dominic says:

Since buying this beetle I have tried to work on it as much as I could, I've been a student up until now, so haven't had much money to put into it, but now things are really moving on. I have managed to replace most of the main wiring which had completely melted throughout the car! I had to even drill a hole in the back because someone had filled the cavity which the original wiring went through with expandable filler.
I've replaced the passenger window mechanism and the ignition barrel and switch. The passenger side front wing is coming off, and the drivers side rear and they are both being replaced, and within the next month all the welding that needs doing should be done.
That should in theory (of course knowing my luck probably won't) bring it up to being, so then it's the matter of tidying him up, I want to re-cover all the seats, in the same blue vinyl that covers the back of them, but all over, re-carpet, and depending on how possible it is to do, change the dash to something colour coded.
I want to try and keep the car reasonably original, so as sticking with the last edition beetle style, but add some things which make it more my own, especially either t-bars, or europa style bumpers.
As more things get done, I will add some more pictures.