Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

LEB number:


Chassis number:
118 200 7288

Engine number:


First registered:
1st February 1978

Owner's name:
Andy Steer

Ilkley, West Yorks

Last heard of:
April 2022

Additional information:
Andy says:
I have just become the proud owner as of last night (4.4.06) after winning it on ebay (I've not even had time to look at all the history bumph yet!). The car was subject to a full body off resto in '99 and is still looking great to this day. I've been a VW enthusiast for 20 years having owned a 1303 Beetle, MK3 Golf, Mk4 Golf GTi, MK 4 Golf GTi Turbo and currently in the process of locating a bay window camper. Since my best mate Simon (LEB 184) bought his Beetle, I've been a part of the LEB scene for the last few years, attending both 2004/5 Stanford Hall events.
Imminent plans for are to change the empi's back to original steely's (for sale if anyone wants them!) and to give her a service.

Update 29th January 2021:
Since the last update in 2006, I'm glad to say that I'm still the proud owner of 'Lady Gaa Gaa' after nearly 15 years (6th owner). Although it pains me to say to some of the purists out there, I've not kept her as standard as she left the factory I'm afraid. Transformations taken place since purchase are full floor pan and suspension overhaul, lowered all round, Empi single pack exhaust, Porsche Gas burner wheels, bumper over riders and US spec lights.
However, the original interior is in place and is immaculate with no rips or tears (I know how hard it is to replace this material - impossible!) and the original plaque still sits proud on the dash. I've added a Porsche steering wheel but that's about it.
She proudly sits in the garage (heated and carpeted!) most of the time and only comes out when the weather is bone-dry and sometimes with my son's mini-me version (which featured in Volksworld - see pic!)
Big-brother Barry White Jnr, our T3 camper arrived in 2020 so I'm keeping the old skool V-Dub scene alive in my own way!
This car is a keeper, even if it means me eating baked beans on the breadline, she ain't going anywhere! Glad to see there's still lots of LEB's on the register. Keep on buggin'!

Update 6th June 2024:
114’s had extensive floor pan and arch work as you can see in the pictures (with 60 litres of under seal applied!), gearbox and new mountings, new pipe work, engine overhaul and fully serviced and front suspension rebuilt. So should be ready for another generation of ownership! After searching high and low fir someone to do this I found Mark from Pells Aircooled in Mablethorpe. Brilliant guy, very knowledgable - a VW nut through and through and very reasonably priced.