Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

LEB number:

MJO 436S

Chassis number:
118 200 7228

First registered:
27th June 1978

Owner's name:
David Bumpass


Last heard of:
November 2023

Additional information:
Here's a story that gladdened our hearts.

Once upon a time, Last Edition Beetle number 79 belonged to current owner David's grandad. We first heard from David on 30th October 2016 when he was trying to find out what had become of the car, which had left his family long before. Unfortunately, it had never been a member of our Register. Eventually though, LEB 79 did come into the fold in 2022 when owner Jenny told us about her newly acquired Beetle. Jenny decided to sell number 79 a year later. With the consent of all concerned, we'd introduced Jenny to David, and on the 30th October 2023 (7 years to the day after he sent us his first enquiry), David finally got the chance to buy back the car he'd been pursuing for so long.

David's grandad owned this bug from new, and it was the car that first got him into Volkswagens. There are now 3 VWs in the family. Number 79 returned with loads of paperwork, including some with his grandad's name on. It's up-and-running, so David's hoping to take it to a few shows in 2024. He says this car is never leaving the family again.

(18th November 2023)