The Last of Many  (September 1988)

Ian Wolcott, General Sales Manager for D.C. Cook (Motors) Ltd at Lincoln, didn't get too excited when he received a phone call asking if he would like to buy a Beetle.

However, when the caller said it was a new, German-built, unregistered Beetle, with just 44 miles on the clock, 'buying a Beetle' took on a new meaning!

The car was originally purchased on January 11, 1978 by Brian Hughes of King St. Garage in Wallasey, from the supplying dealers, Cheshire Brothers, of Bebington, in the Wirral.

It has never been registered, although there is a V55 application form dated June 1, 1979, with the car. On this, the registration number SLV 228T was allocated, but the application was never completed, and so the car remained unregistered.

Also in 1979, on April 12 to be precise, the car was Protecol rustproofed, as an added insurance against the dreaded tinworm.

It appears that Brian Hughes was keeping the car as an investment but, sadly, he died recently; and thus it was that his brother-in-law was looking for a good home for the metallic silver car.

Ian wasted no time in assuring him that D.C. Cook was that home, and soon it was taking pride of place in their Lincoln showroom, respledent alongside such notables as a new Passat GT and an Audi Quattro !

The car had been kept in its delivery wax and, not unnaturally, was in superb condition. The chrome had suffered slightly, the door handles and mirror having to be replaced. The rest of the brightwork has stood up well although some early signs of rust pitting are there. The steel wheels required shotblasting and repainting.

Ian is well aware of the car's potential as a crowd puller and it does just that, not only in its new showroom home, but also at exhibitions and local events.

The car's original purchase price (including VAT at 8 percent !) was a mere £2,303.47, at a time when four months' tax would set you back a princely £18.35.

What's it worth, you ask? Now that's a tricky one. Ian was understandably reluctant to go into details of his transaction, although if you were wanting to purchase it, you would have to be talking well into five figures (and we don't mean £199.99!).

If you want to take a look at a piece of living history, then Brian and his staff will be pleased to see you.

A footnote guaranteed to bring a warm glow to any VW enthusiast: the car was trailered from Liverpool to Lincoln, but on arrival needed to be driven around the garage premises. It started first time...

VW Motoring September 1988

The Last of Many

They're still turning up! One of those strange twists of fate has meant that this brand new last edition 1200L has just arrived at Lincoln Audi Volkswagen dealers D.C. Cook.