Miscellany  (1988)

From VW Motoring, August 1988
Just a few words of thanks to you and your mag.

After owning two lovely, but rusting Beetles, my cousin made me an offer I couldn't refuse on his Scirocco, which I bought in 1984. Although enjoying every minute of driving in the Scirocco, my heart was never totally in it because of my love for Beetles. I still bought VW Motoring in the vain hope of finding a miracle, a 'genuine Beetle'.

Then it happened, June edition came out, and although I was only glancing through the ads, one jumped out at me - No. 191 Last Edition 1978. It immediately caught my eye, as I had spotted this particular car parked just half a mile away from my home and I had enquired about it only last year. Unfortunately, last year it was not for sale.

So with great excitement, and hope of it not being sold, I arranged to see JEC 512T (Jesse) the same day, and after a shake of hands and the help of a Personal Loan from my father-in-law, the deal was sealed, the very day after my wife had given birth to our 'First Edition', a baby son Michael. Just as close to perfect timing as you can get.

Just to top everything, whilst admiring Jesse's interior, I came across a knob I couldn't remember seeing in my other Beetles. What could it be? To my total elation it was a two-speed blower for the windscreen - what more could one ask for? So there we have our 'First and Last Editions'.

Please print this letter in some form or other to give other Beetle freaks some hope.
Norman Wady, Liverpool.

From VW Motoring, September 1988 - Audi Volkswagen at VW Action '88
As the run-up to VW Action '88 escalates, Audi-Volkswagen will once again be making their presence felt. They will be mounting a display in twin marquees, with representatives from 12 dealers taking part.

VWW 1, the importers' silver last edition Beetle will again be on display, along with a Beetle chassis and a brand new, LHD Beetle bodyshell, which will be for sale. The various dealers will be bringing along their own, restored cars for visitors to drool over.

On the water-cooled front, it is hoped to have the new Golf Syncro on display. Videos will be shown during the event, including the superb 'adverts' compilation. There will be a free-to-enter competition, the first prize being an all-expenses-paid day out with the Volkswagen Motorsport rally/racing team.

Business Incentive Gifts, the people who make the VW personalised accessories, will be there with plenty of goodies.

Best till last? Well, it's 'raid the kids' piggy-bank' time, for the participating dealers and the Milton Keynes importers are spring-cleaning their basements and sorting out truckloads of obsolete stock items to flog at knockdown prices; so if you've got an older car you'd better be first in the queue!

VW Motoring 1988


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