Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

VKR 196S

Chassis number:
118 200 7333

Engine number:


First registered:

Car's name:

Owner's name:
Michael Marriott

Lydd, Kent

Last heard of:
April 2021

Additional information:
April 2021 update
The indicated mileage is deceptively low, and the odometer may well have been twice round the clock ! It's also had some problems, and speed is best judged using sat nav.
Valkyrie is not a concours example, but is a daily-driven car. The Marriots have replaced all four wings, the bonnet and three front bumpers over the years. The car needs regular maintenance, but in exchange gives reliable daily transport. Valkyrie is a much loved member of the family.

Repairs and upgrades
As mentioned before Valkyrie has needed some new parts over the time that we have been her custodians. Before we took her on we were told that she had needed front driver's side repairs, but as you can see, this seems to be her target zone. It turns out that Valkyrie and black ice need caution when playing together. So that will be one of the front bumpers and some T-cut ! 😁
Finding some rust developing on the frame head, a factory fresh floorpan guarantees all is straight for many years to come, along with fresh shoes and socks and disk brakes for added confidence. The list kept growing over time. A stainless steel exhaust and tail pipes was a good move. Why did VW not do this from new ? They always need changing mid winter.
Those wings did not like UK winters, and so once more off to friends at Cool Air. Plus more Diamond Silver paint ! Because she lives out doors all year round and is the commuter for work she was not even furloughed last year. Rust treatment and servicing seem to go together. Should have bought shares in Waxoyl.