Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

UUC 195S

Chassis number:
118 200 1601

Engine number:


First registered:

Car's name:

Owner's name:
Danny and Charlie Honeywood (father and son)

St Ives

Additional information:
UUC 195S was procured by the Honeywood family in July 2011. On the way home the vehicle was taken for an MOT. It failed, on its brake lights, lack of working horn and sharp bodywork edges. At home, we got a little bit carried away. Since then, the poor old thing has been reduced to essentially a rolling shell (no engine, doors, windows, bonnet or boot lids, interior etc.) and currently resides beneath an improvised shelter, fashioned from an old gazebo and some tarpaulin. The Beetle spent a cold, wet winter beneath it and, to our relief, survived the winter (relatively) unscathed and still resembles a car. So, almost a year later, the restoration continues...