Last Edition Beetle Datasheet


Chassis number:
118 200 6982

Engine number:


First registered:

Car's name:
Speedy Gonzales

Owner's name:
Martin Reid

Melbourne, Australia

Additional information:
This car was retained by a dealer (Vindis, Bedford) until 1996, and was not used until that time, other than as a display vehicle. It won several prizes at VW shows during the 1990s.
It now holds the LEB records for furthest travelled, and most registration numbers. It started out in England as VWV1S, subsequently became KDN460S, seems to have been LOV811G for a short time, and then reverted to KDN460S. After all of that, it migrated to a new life in Australia, and acquired yet another registration !
Martin is the car's fourth owner from new. It is currently being restored, and will be back on the road in three weeks. (26th March 2015)