Last Edition Beetle Datasheet

LEB number:

XAH 389S

Chassis number:
118 200 8112

Engine number:


First registered:

Car's name:

Owner's name:
Dan and Elle Turney


Last heard of:
June 2021

Additional information:
March 2021 update from Dan
Bought as a wedding present in 2018. It was my dream to have a Beetle growing up as my parents had various VWs. Not just ownership was the dream, but to learn to restore and maintain one was too.
I have done my first service on Berti this year with the guidance of John Muirs ‘How to keep your Volkswagen Alive.’ Items serviced included:
  • Fuel hose and filter replacement with R9 rated fuel hose and hose clips.
  • Valve clearance (tappets) set.
  • Oil and oil strainer change.
  • Plugs, leads, points and condenser replaced.
  • Static timing set.
  • Carburettor jets cleaned and mixture tuned.
Restoration and plans so far:
  • Rear brakes replaced/reconditioned along with rear hub seals.
  • Front brake conversion to discs.
  • Door and rear window seal replacement.
  • Tinware tidy up.
  • Internal airbox/ventilation duct replacement (currently parts missing/held with duct tape ☺)
Hopefully we'll have Berti in one piece by the time we can get to some shows again !

April 2021 update
My intention was to do just the disc brake conversion. One thing led to another, and my father in law and I have ended up rebuilding most of Berti's front end !
Whilst removing the spindles/steering knuckles (one of the lower ones was a real struggle involving some heat from a blow torch !), we noticed the tie rods and top mounts for the shock absorbers had seen better days.
Unfortunately, we're now stuck and off the road as are waiting for the top mounts for the new shock absorbers to arrive, but they may not be with us until the end of May...
In the meantime, I'm focusing my efforts on the carburettor. Berti is definitely running rich. When servicing him we cleaned his jets and tried to tune him up again. With the air mixture screw fully wound in, he was still running. We suspect that the issue lies in the automatic choke. I now have a rebuild kit and some instructions on how to set this, so hopefully will have him all back in one piece soon.