As 2018 is the Last Edition Beetles' 40th birthday, we're celebrating with them at two of our favourite VW shows.

Still to come is the Volkswagen Northwest meeting in the grounds of Tatton Park in Cheshire on Sunday 5th August 2018. We've always achieved a good turnout of LEBs at this event, and we're hoping for another large gathering on this special occasion. Please let us know if you'd like to join us. Our usual rules apply: as long as some of your car is more-or-less silver, we don't care what state it's in. If it won't make it under its own steam, push, drag or trailer it onto the site. We'll still be pleased to see it.

We post the details of any upcoming meetings on our Facebook page, so 'Like' it to see updates in your news feed. If you're not on Facebook, send an email to Julie if you'd like to be kept informed.

Here are a few photos from Stanford Hall back in May 2018, the first of our 40th birthday parties.

Tatton Park in the 1990s

The biggest lineups of LEBs we ever achieved were at Tatton Park in 1993 and 1995. Of course, the cars were a lot newer then, but we think our displays are still pretty impressive 25 years later.