Original paperwork

Several Last Edition Beetle owners have lent us some of their original documentation for the cars, which we've scanned for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks are due to Fred Wall, Jim McLachlan and Johnathan Ide for their contributions.

Sales brochure

This is the Beetle sales brochure for the 1978 model year. Interestingly, it shows all the other colours offered, but omits the Diamond Silver used on the numbered cars

Service record

This is the service history for number 45, owned for many years from new by Fred Wall.

Manufacturer's warranty

Guaranteed for 12 months.

Production docket

An original LEB factory production docket.

Bill of sale

On the road price, £2730.

LEB plaque allocation

This is interesting. It's the only proof we've ever seen that the Last Edition Beetles had their plaquenumbers pre-allocated by chassis. Sadly, that didn't stop the dealers doing their own thing.